Start Ups

The Upper Austria University of Applied Sciences has been offering company founders an environment, know-how and support in the form of a transfer center, co-working space, service lines and start-up coaching for around ten years. Logistikum.RETAIL goes one step further and builds on this general good support the area of retail in such a way that start-ups are not only accompanied, but the support in this project is sustainable:

  • Spatial: Use of existing infrastructure, labs, etc.
  • Thematically & scientifically
  • Partnership-based: integration into a network of corporate partners, innovation networks and research institutions

The companies that work with us in this area become "accelerators". Together, we coach startups and thus support the development process in order to drive RETAIL innovations forward. The framework conditions in Eberstalzell lend themselves to us acting like a boot camp for startups. We provide support in the form of knowledge and resources so that company ideas in the RETAIL sector can be intensively developed into a marketable product or service.