Although the share of e-commerce in food retailing in Austria is still very low, an annual increase can be recorded. Customers still attach great importance to the stationary shopping experience; they want to touch, smell and feel fresh food. But there are also many low-involvement products that can be purchased without spending a lot of time. These items are great for online shopping. The intralogistics specialist TGW and the shopfitting professionals from "umdasch The Store Makers" have developed an innovative store and logistics concept for the food retail industry: "OmniStore". This concept combines the advantages of both worlds: the stationary shopping experience and the convenience of e-commerce. Branches are set up in a shop area (esp for fresh items) and a separate picking area (storage and automated picking). The aim of the OmniStore project was to create use cases in which the use of the OmniStore and the added value for various target groups are presented.

TGW Omnistore

photo credit: TGW