CoCo (customer-oriented-complexity)

The basic motivation for the CoCo project lies in the development of a systemic understanding of which complexity (= strategic / good) comes from the customer and creates strategic benefits and which complexity (= dysfunctional / bad) arises from, for example, process transparency and a lack of process continuity. Basically: if the product complexity is perceived and desired by customers (= deductible with corresponding contribution margins); as well as this complexity can also be mapped accordingly in the supply chain, then this can represent a significant competitive advantage. In order to be able to carry out this differentiation in a targeted and fact-based manner, the following project goals are being implemented in the CoCo project:

  • Create a systemic understanding of the complexity perceived and desired by customers, with the aim of reducing the number of variants and parts while at the same time minimizing the loss of profit margins on the sales side.
  • Create a systemic understanding of the supply chain capabilities, with the aim of taking complexity costs into account in pricing in order to be able to determine realistic contribution margins for variants.
  • Internal awareness raising in order to "steer" customers and supply chain participants in a certain direction in their decision (strategic vs. dysfunctional complexity)
  • Identification of complexity drivers including their interactions in the Internorm supply chain. The understanding created in this way can lead as a further step to a possible adaptation of product configurators / sales documents (not included in the present project offer)