Dialogue with customers

Market-compliant service models and direct communication channels to the customer not only strengthen the company's market perception, but also provide the basis for optimizing and increasing the efficiency of internal processes due to their information-intensive nature. Particularly against the backdrop of the growing online trade, parcel volumes are rising sharply on the Austrian delivery market, creating fiercer competition and greater cost pressure. Direct and conscious communication with the recipient and the provision of customized delivery services can represent a decisive competitive advantage in this context.

The Dialog to the Customer project focuses on creating active customer involvement in the delivery process and generating efficient and customer-oriented delivery solutions. Through active interaction and communication with the recipient, i.e. the customer, not only a higher customer involvement but also a targeted integration of customer input in the corresponding steps of the delivery process should be enabled. To this end, the first step will be a comprehensive survey of interaction and communication potentials in delivery, a corresponding market analysis and a survey of the delivery processes and paths of Austrian Post. Building on this, a primary survey will be conducted to identify specific customer needs in Austria. The insights gained in this way will serve as the basis for solution design and for identifying possible business model innovation and servitization potential. Selected solutions will be tested in a final step in the context of a proof-of-concept setting.