A retail company cannot survive without innovative logistics solutions. Corresponding R&D expenditure is therefore a matter of course. As a result of increasing globalization and networking, it is not only the products that should benefit customers, but also the underlying processes and the associated services. These should respond innovatively to the needs of customers. This applies in particular to retail logistics, with its constantly evolving flows of goods and information and new channels.

Logistics is a differentiating factor in international competition and creates the decisive added value that is ultimately responsible for competitiveness and success in the retail sector. It is therefore of great importance for the industry to identify new trends through research & development, to pick up on them and to implement innovative solutions.

Within the framework of the Strategic Research Promotion Program of the State of Upper Austria, retail research at the Logistikum was strengthened and further developed in 2017. The next step was the opening of the Innovation Center at the Eberstalzell site in September 2018, where cooperation partners from research and business join forces. In the meantime, more than 10 scientific employees and professors are engaged in retail research.

The research area can also access competencies and know-how of research teams from other focal areas such as 'Innovation Management' and 'Mobility and Transport'. The collaborations include national as well as some international partners.