Perishable Food Delivery

Perishable foods are rarely, if ever, purchased online on the Austrian market: the share of foods purchased online is only 1% in Austria. The reasons for this include the logistical and technical requirements for delivery and the lack of acceptance among end consumers to order perishable food online and have it delivered to their homes. In the Perishable Food Delivery project, the reasons for this lack of readiness on the Austrian market are surveyed, the international status quo and trends in this context are analyzed, and the existing requirements for a corresponding solution from the customer's point of view (Austria) are derived, taking international best practices into account. Based on this, possible service models (business modeling) are evaluated ex ante with the involvement of representative test customers and possible pricing models are tested with selected market segments and customer groups. The results obtained during this pre-test will be elaborated as inputs for the development of selected proof-of-concept solutions in terms of conceptual delivery solutions and services. The final proof-of-concept solutions will be tested for their market suitability and revenue potential as part of an acceptance analysis.