Scouting the Future of Retail (SCORE) is an initiative of the excellence network logistikum.RETAIL and, as an association of business and science, pursues the goal of identifying and analyzing trends and developments in the context of the retail of the future and preparing them as a starting point for company-internal use case definitions. The mission of SCORE is to reduce the uncertainty associated with futurology and trend identification from the perspective of the participating companies and to make the retail of the future and its implications more tangible and transparent in a targeted and collaborative manner.

The SCORE community currently consists of 14 leading companies from the discipline of retail. The community is cross-sector and cross-divisional and is constantly being expanded. The SCORE meetings take place four times a year, with changing topics defined by the community. Individual trend profiles were developed for all workshops and sent to the participating companies. The design and structure of these trend profiles as well as exemplary excerpts are presented and described in the final paper.

In addition to the SCORE community and the SCORE meetings, the SCORE platform and the SCORE radars made available there represent an elementary output. The trends collected as part of the SCORE initiative are clustered and visualized in the form of trend radars. The radars are mapped on a web platform established specifically for SCORE and made available to the community for , evaluation, supplementation and ongoing monitoring.


The  SCORE Retail Trendradar 2023 consists of 6 megatrends and 29 macrotrends and represents the identified trends evaluated by the community.

Concrete recommendations for action can be derived from the result of the trend evaluation. Furthermore, the radar serves to support trend monitoring and strategic decision-making.

The evaluation of the macro trends is divided into 3 categories:
ACT: Trends with high potential for the company and a high degree of maturity.
PREPARE: trends with high potential for the company and a low to moderate degree of maturity
WATCH: Trends with potential to be tested and uncertain for the company and a high degree of maturity.

The evaluation of the trends illustrates the following result:
9 macro trends in ACT
17 macro trends in PREPARE
3 Macro trends in WATCH
0 macro trends in OUT OF SCOPE

Description and application of the Retail Trend Radar:
The outer circle of the Retail Trend Radar maps the megatrends that describe structural changes in society. They provide information about which developments will influence our society in the long term.

Inside the Retail Trend Radar are the macro trends, which are in different phases (ACT, PREPARE and WATCH). The depictions of the trends have a rollover effect, which means that when you move the mouse pointer, their description appears. The macro trends visualise concrete manifestations of a megatrend. They describe partial currents that have a different impact horizon.



By clicking on this link SCORE Retail Trendradar 2023 you will be redirected to the Trendmanager platform, which visualizes deeper insights into the macrotrends and their evaluation.