The stationary retail trade represents an essential pillar of the domestic economy and plays an important role both in terms of its contribution to gross value added and in terms of employment figures. For years, however, the threat to this industry from global e-commerce companies such as Amazon has been growing. The rapid growth of the online retail sector has produced numerous innovative products and services. Consumers, on the other hand, prefer hybrid shopping models that combine the advantages of both worlds - online and offline - and thus offer maximum benefit and convenience. For this reason, it is important to analyze which new technologies can be used in which ways in a beneficial way in stationary retail.

The technologies to be examined are therefore PoS (Point of Sale) or PoP (Point of Purchase) technologies as well as technologies for retail logistics. In most cases, however, companies in the sector lack the resources and know-how to determine which technologies are worth investing in. As part of the research project applied for, it is therefore intended to evaluate which current and future technologies from the areas mentioned can be used sensibly in stationary retail and which requirements must be created in order to achieve a high level of user acceptance. By publishing the knowledge gained from this, domestic retail companies, but also their technology suppliers, should be given a head start.

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