Retail Logistics & Last Mile

Against the background of more complex value-added networks with a growing number of globally distributed network partners and significantly increased customer expectations and information transparency that has shifted to the customer due to online trading and the Internet, classic logistics and the transport of goods and goods in retail are assuming an increasingly central basic function. Retail logistics is no longer limited to the movement of goods and warehousing within B2B networks, but in the age of omnichannel handling also includes the so-called last mile, i.e. transport at B2C level, and is due to the increasing importance of Sustainability shaped at all levels.

In the competence field “Retail Logistics and Last Mile”, in the course of application-oriented projects with selected corporate and research partners, those topics and problems that arise from the above problem are researched. Innovative delivery and storage technologies (zero emission logistics, e.g. electric or LNG-powered vehicles) are also dealt with in this field, as are operational network issues, for example in the context of the last mile (e.g. MobiLab) or on a technological level within B2B - Retail networks ("LTC 2.0")surrender. The results generated within the framework of the "safe" and funded environment of the research projects provide a basis for decision-making and a sound starting point that supports the corporate partners in defining the next steps and taking concrete measures in this more elementary area of ​​retail.