Smart Order and Delivery

Logistics strategies such as 'just-in-time', 'on-demand' or '24h distribution' have led to a general increase in B2B delivery frequencies in many sectors. The increasingly short delivery cycles created needs that in many cases did not originally exist. In this context, a trend can be observed in the B2B area, in which, above all, time and financial resources are saved for the forward-looking planning of order batches: These are compensated for by more frequent delivery trips, which are offered by the competitive logistics industry or suppliers. For many products and shippers, as well as for end customers, extremely short delivery times are basically not necessary. The development shown has clearly negative effects on the environment and the population, since the freight transport performance increases without the transport performance and thus the quality of supply increasing (significantly). This also increases the true total costs of delivery traffic, which, however, are usually not clearly priced in, but are instead 'hidden' in total prices or prices of other products.

SmartOrder & Delivery aims to minimize redundant freight traffic by using intelligent ordering strategies to reduce the number of delivery trips to the required amount. The SmartOrder & Delivery approach combines the areas of 'ordering' and 'transporting' which are currently very often viewed and processed separately. This makes it possible to combine the advantages of forward planning with those of the necessary short-term, spontaneous ordering.