Intelligent Shelf

Digitization offers stationary retailers many opportunities to get to know customers better and to address them in a targeted manner. But digital technologies also provide important support in optimizing processes. In order to take advantage of these opportunities in retail, the necessary infrastructure (e.g., cabling to supply the shelves with electricity) is already being considered in the development of store construction elements. Currently, there are many different technical solutions for intelligent shelving that are either still in the development stage or are already on the market: Shelf detectors, weighing mats, camera systems, stock beacons, electronic shelf labs, etc. In many cases, however, the question arises for which products and processes it makes sense to actually use an intelligent shelf and in which areas an investment does not appear to make sense. The aim of the project was therefore to find out where digitization at/on the shelf would create effective added value for the customer through targeted route, time and cost savings. In the course of use cases, potential applications were identified and evaluated.