Virtual Reality (VR) as a technology that enables the user to immersive experience of three-dimensional environments and information visualization (InfoVis) as a discipline that deals with the visual processing of data for a better understanding of relationships within these are two areas that are currently gain more and more importance. The combination is known as Immersive Analytics (IA).

The Casual Immersive Analytics (CaImAn) project deals with the transfer of classic and established data analysis methods into the domain of virtual reality. Existing methods are checked for their useful applicability in interactive stereoscopic display. Concepts for adapting these procedures to the VR domain are developed and suitable analysis procedures are implemented as prototypes. The prototypes are basically independent of the application domain, but are filled with data from selected COEs for implementation and evaluation. In the field of bioinformatics, information visualization is a common technique, for example to show relationships in genomes or between genomes.

Logistics is an area that has been using VR for a long time. The three-dimensional representation is typically used when planning locations. As part of CaImAn, the possibility of network visualization for the representation of production and retail chains is to be examined. Through the publication of the knowledge gained from this, local companies should be brought closer to the versatile use of VR technology for visualization. The international visibility is to be guaranteed by the publication at recognized conferences.