Customer Centricity & Servitization

Digitization and the increased networking of various economic sectors and markets lead to changed or increased customer requirements: Customer centricity, individualization and 24/7 shape retail. Product leadership and classic offers alone are often no longer sufficient in a more dynamic market environment to set yourself apart from the competition in the long term. Long-term success depends more and more on the company's ability to communicate in a target group-oriented and customer-oriented manner or to be able to offer personalized services based on the existing product range.

In the field of competence “Customer Centricity and Servitization”, application-oriented research projects investigate how these challenges can be met in retail value-added networks. By using and (further) developing innovative methods and tools from the field of customer centricity (e.g. acceptance analyzes, customer journey mapping, customer touch point design) and service design (e.g. co-designing, mockups), it is analyzed how companies develop more closely with the customer , proceed with personalized solutions and how existing value-added networks can be adapted in order to ensure a more present USP from the customer's point of view and thus better differentiation from the competition.