Education and Training

Logistikum.RETAIL offers numerous offers for companies in the field of training and further education. Logistics plays an important role in retail. How goods and information flows are efficiently planned, managed and controlled has become vital for companies. Especially for employees in commerce who work in a rapidly changing environment, continuous competence development is therefore also indispensable.

In the Innovation and Competence Centre in Eberstalzell, 4 seminar rooms and lecture halls are available. Concepts for competence development for managers in the RETAIL sector are developed on a modular, application-oriented basis. ECTS points can be acquired for individual further education events and workshops. The modular concept thus enables credits for FH degree programmes in the relevant subjects.

In addition, the new FH Upper Austria degree programme DTLM (Digital Transport and Logistics Management) is offered on a part-time basis. In terms of content, it is precisely tailored to the challenges in the RETAIL sector. The first DTLM class started in autumn 2018, with part of the courses being held at the FH Upper Austria campus in Steyr and part at the Innovation Centre in Eberstalzell. By integrating the experience gained from many application-oriented research and corporate projects, customised further education in the form of workshops, further education seminars and coaching in the field of retail logistics will also be developed and designed.


Companies can select those areas from the subject areas of Logistikum.RETAIL which contain their further training needs. In cooperation with the respective interested company, these offers are then developed in a targeted manner and precisely tailored to the individual needs and requirements.

On the one hand, the training courses are aimed at newcomers who want to get to know retail and understand a supply chain, for example. On the other hand, there are offers for retail managers who are looking for the optimal solutions for their company projects, e.g. in setting up an omni-channel strategy. Finally, the Logistikum also offers experts opportunities for competence enhancement and input from the retail sector for managers. The range extends from one-day seminars to in-house trainings with several modules. 


Acquire additional and up-to-date know-how in retail logistics. We will be happy to advise you personally on the wide range of possibilities and tailor-made solutions.

Contact: DI (FH) Esther Petschnik, Email: Tel. +43 5 0804 33277